Get enrolled in IAS 5 year programme (After X) or 3 year programme (After XII) or 1 year programme.
CHANDRAA ACADEMY has introduced the most innovative and 100% result-oriented IAS programme.


Phase I-Foundation

Course:Vision-Class IX All Subjects(CBSE & RBSE)

“VISION” means to see or to think about future. Class IX for every student is all about to see future or to think about future. But in schools students are very far away from this reality just because of faulty education system and increasing commercialization of education in schools.

We at Chandraa Academy provide ‘vision’ to every those students who are keen to make their future bright. The ‘vision’ course is specially designed for class IX students under which they make their basics strong to get much enough in higher classes. Here we provide a platform on which student get started thinking and dreaming.

Course:Mission-Class X All Subjects(CBSE & RBSE)

This course is based on the Newton’s law of motion. Class X for every student is a stage from where he/she enters the new phase of career. This stage needs changes in student’s outlook, attitude, learning approach and methodology in order to shape student’s career.

But this change does not come by itself rather it is brought externally. This is what this course focuses. The required change is being brought as per student’s capacity so the things do not seem over-burden. This law eliminates every chance of being depressed. Every action taken in this course aims positive outcomes.

Phase II-Endurance

Big-Bang XI Arts History,Geography,Economics,Political Science,English Literature
Kinetic XI Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics
Pulsar XII Arts History,Geography,Economics,Political Science,English Literature
Gravity XII Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics